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Trusting the journey and having faith in where it leads you.

Updated: Jan 17

Country: Philippines

Industry: Cyrptocurrency

Founded date: 2020

Felix Nino Asuncion, Founder and CRO of Viridian Technologies Inc. - Tetrix Network

Even from a young age, Felix Nino Asuncion had his first foot in the business world. He started working at his catering family’s business even while studying; where he was a scholar from elementary all the way to college. Impressive as most people might see it to be, it wasn’t an easy road that he has taken. Being the eldest in his family, he wanted to help his parents and he felt the need to ameliorate their life as they come from a challenging past. One of his first ventures, built together with a friend, was the Godfather Shoes. Handcrafted and Marikina-made, a city in the Philippines well known for its quality footwear production. Despite the success of his shoe brand, even greater things are inevitable to happen to a man of perseverance and great faith in his God.

Redirection, not rejection.

The entrepreneur in Felix urged him to start another venture. A business that unfortunately did not succeed as he intended it to. A heavy factor that came down to it was the pandemic. An element that is out of anyone’s control. Regardless of his efforts to keep the business afloat, it wasn’t able to hold out through the unprecedented changes that COVID brought on. It was a tough decision to put an end to his venture, but in retrospect Felix can confidently say that ‘It was only a gateway for another opportunity we are currently building today. The man above has his ways of sending signals over the things you've been praying for.’

In 2020 together with his five other co-founders, Tetrix came to be. An interconnected ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap among all blockchain projects. They had the vision to change how blockchains are designed and developed for the digital space. ‘TETRIX’s mission is to open the doors to and enable a future where there is accelerated mass adoption of digital ownership to elevate the world’s consciousness through blockchain technology, literacy, and real-life applications of Web 3.0. We provide a Wordpress-like development of blockchains and applications.’

Together with his team of go-getters; they also launched Pitaka a self-custodial Web3 wallet that allows users to store, manage and exchange various cryptocurrencies and digital assets in a straightforward browser extension. Also doubling as a Defi wallet, users are able to store non-fungible tokens (NFT) and transact between different blockchains unlike other existing wallets that cater to limited and specific blockchains only.

Purpose found in the wait.

Looking back, all of the steps he took unknowingly led him to Viridian Technologies. From the catering business, stepping foot in the shoe business, and now finding himself in a financial and software development technology company. As they say, a jack-of-all-trades is often better than a master of one. The true entrepreneur spirit shines true in Felix’s never wavering will to undertake business ventures.

From his humble beginnings of doing the dirty work in their family’s business, Felix has now founded several organizations such as Capampangan Food Caterers Association (CFCA) and CEO Academy. He is one of the youngest Board of Directors at the Food Caterer Association of the Philippines and is the Vice President of External Affairs at ICT Council - City of San Fernando Pampanga. They also recently launched their newest product, Link. A digital calling card that enables you to pass on your information to a person with a tap on an NFC-enabled device. In all this, we can only expect bigger things to come from Felix’s entrepreneurial journey.

‘I'm grateful for all of these experiences, setbacks, and failures, either good or bad because they molded me to be who I am today. The man above has his ways of sending signals over the things you've been praying for.’

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