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Trust and sense of equal ownership - a business essential, according to Ailytics CEO Tan Wei Zhuang.

Construction sites which generally include heavy workloads, creates risks for employees to get injured. In the long run, this risk also demotivates employees in their work. This inspired Mr. Tan, together with his love and passion for technology, to create Ailytics. Ailytics is an AI company that specializes in helping construction companies enhance their operational safety and productivity by leveraging existing CCTVs at the site to provide real-time actionable insights. This system is built with hardware agnostic and robust to handle the harsh environment in a construction setting.

Our patented technology is able to convert a 2D scene to 3D without sensors or multiple CCTVs which allows us to develop more critical and complex use cases with better efficiency and at a fraction of the cost,” Wei Zhuang described.

Things have not always been smooth for Mr. Tan and his team. But as Mr. Tan’s favorite saying by Franklin D. Roosevelt goes, ‘A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.’ Wei Zhuang acknowledged that there were challenges along the way. Typically, there are times when we get into a season of our life where motivation does not come easy or naturally. This compelled Mr. Tan to lead and manage the team even closer than usual. As a result, subsequently, he discovered that his team works optimally on lesser restraints.

Thereafter, instead of regularly overseeing others when handling the given task and/or situation; Mr. Tan chose to create managing tools for his people to learn, follow or take inspiration from to give them the freedom to operate. His go-to key strategy on making such a decision is by reframing the mind to have more of a helicopter view of the situation, understanding the situation, listing down the pros/cons and impact of different scenarios for all departments involved and making an informed decision. From the experiences Wei Zhuang encountered in working with his colleagues, he came to understand and appreciate the fact that people need time to learn and they need to be given the opportunity to do what they need to do in a very supportive environment.

Even if they fail due to any reason, try to learn from it

and take steps to prevent it in the future

as this is also part of the learning process.” -Wei Zhuang Tan

This mindset guided him into having three core values, planted throughout his entrepreneurship journey; transparency, respect and determination. And since then, his mastery in managing his team has given Ailytics lots of positive development and growth; serving more construction companies along the process.

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