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Trabble is on a mission to consolidate the fragmented travel industry

Trabble was founded in 2016 and has a vision to consolidate the fragmented travel industry by providing a Guest Engagement Platform that is flexible, transferrable and revolutionary to business operations in the industry globally. Ian Low, CEO of Trabble, shares with us more about the growth of the company since its participation in the WingArc Accelerator Program.

Change often leads to fear and resistance for archaic businesses in the Travel & Hospitality industry, but the impact of COVID-19 pandemic compelled companies to broaden their perspectives and drives digitalisation and transformation in the field.

"With the growing prevalence of Airbnbs and boutique accommodations, we definitely see the shift in trend towards that for post pandemic tourism. For us at Trabble, we seek not only to consolidate the fragmented travel industry, but to also equal the competitive landscape and pass on the best practices for smaller players in the industry," explains Ian.

Prior to the WingArc Accelerator Program, the Trabble team was looking to deploy platforms for their system but lacked mentorship in technical integration and business viability. "It was an uphill challenge for us but we were able to easily overcome now. We gained much from the support that has been given from the invaluable time and expertise of the executive team," the CEO commented. Ian also mentioned about the great commitment of resources and expertise from both the WingArc and Meet Ventures team in support of the startups. "With their experience, they were able to very effectively understand our needs and potential challenges we might face. That helps us in working out not just the technical deployment aspect, but also the business viability of how our partnership with WingArc can be brought to fruition."

As Trabble moves into the B2B2C model, data collection and analytics can helps the business make better decisions and implement strategic initiatives. According to Ian, his biggest takeaway from the WingArc Accelerator Program was acquiring more knowledge on the various stages of utilising data for the business' growth. "We definitely hope to be a Data First company in our future long terms plans as we work towards our vision of consolidating the Travel Industry."

The Trabble team.
The Trabble team.

"This is definitely the start in building a long term relationship and partnership which we will treasure deeply."

- Ian Tan, CEO of Trabble, on their partnership with the WingArc Accelerator Program

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