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Syahrir Suib of Send My Love: Turning missed anniversary gifts into a business opportunity

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Syahrir Suib, CEO and Founder of Send My Love, started the company in January 2021 after forgetting to get gifts several times for his wife during their anniversaries. He shares with us his motivations for the gifting business.

Syahrir Suib, CEO and Founder of Send My Love
Syahrir Suib, CEO and Founder of Send My Love

"It all started on the day that I forgot to give her our 7th anniversary gift despite all the hardships and life threatening battles she went through in giving birth to 3 beautiful children," the CEO shares. He recounts the heightened tension he faced with his wife after the incident, and hopes to prevent it from happening ever again.

Syahrir believed that he could not be the only person forgetting significant celebrations, and saw the opportunity to bridge the issue before it drives a wedge between relationships. He wanted to address this social problem, and Send My Love was the fruit of it.

Send My Love manages the entire gift-giving supply chain, from sourcing all the way to delivery of the gifts. "The company is not just a platform to buy gifts, and differentiates itself by being a people-centric platform," Syahrir explains. It is focused on delivering the best customer experience for both givers and recipients.

Having done research on several gift-giving platforms, Syahrir found that many of them lacked the personal element. "Despite being able to order different items, it would all arrive on different dates and times, which loses its specialty," the CEO lamented. He wanted a solution to show appreciation to important people in our lives, without the hassle of going through a tedious coordination phase.

"Users can place an order for a gift in under 10 minutes and can even automate it. We’re a people-centric marketplace, not product centric. Our promise is to never allow your loved ones to spend their special days without gifts for the rest of their lives," says the CEO. The best reward for Syahrir is when he sees the smile and tears of recipients when they receive their gifts. This motivates and spurs him on to grow the company in the gifting industry.

It may not be Syahrir's first entrepreneurial endeavor, but it is his first time starting out as a lone founder. He attributes his success to his valuable connections and partnerships. After resigning from his full-time job as a project manager to run the gifting company, his ex-employer expressed interest to invest in the business. This gave Syahrir the assurance to take his business to the next level.

Since the business' launch, the CEO has taken ambitious steps towards embracing innovation in the sector. He values ideas and exchanges it with the team, watching it evolve into a better version day after day. The business now has a mobile app for on-the-go gifting, and Eternal Love™️ was introduced as a unique way of showing everlasting love through non-fungible token (better known as NFTs), which can also be a great investment for recipients. Syahrir takes great pride in aligning his business with Meta’s (rebranded Facebook) vision of evolving social connections.

Syahrir Suib, CEO and Founder of Send My Love sharing his experiences with Meet Insights.
When asked about a person Syahrir greatly admires, he mentioned his wife. "She is the reason I started Send My Love from zero."

1. Be prepared to un-learn and re-learn.
2. Don't waste your time and money by upskilling or re-skilling. Instead expand your networking.
3. Reach for the stars, but make sure your feet is on the ground.

- Syahrir Suib, CEO and Founder of Send My Love

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