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‘Start with Purpose, do it with Passion, and keep at it with Perseverance.’ -Sue Yeng

Sue Yeng Au's passion and drive is proven to be abundantly bigger than the small town she grew up in.

Sue Yeng Au, Co-Founder & CEO of Richroad Holdings Pte Ltd
Sue Yeng Au, Co-Founder & CEO

For 24 years, Sue’s career was in the banking sector until she decided to venture out and start her entrepreneurial journey with Richroad Holdings Pte Ltd. It was in 2020 when she founded the company with the mission to ‘empower individuals to chart their own career path and enable businesses to have borderless access to talents across Asia’. Sue Yeng's passion first manifested into a concept café in Penang built from the ground up all in one month - renovations, marketing, sourcing and setups. Seems impossible? Not in Sue’s world. It was all made achievable with ‘grit and determination’ according to Sue.

The café was created to help people turn their dreams into reality. The co-working space was provided to showcase their works of art and passion. Sue’s personality of disliking ‘not doing anything. It can burn me out faster if I sit still for too long than if I do something.’ played to her advantage. In only 6 months, the concept café successfully launched a wide array of workshops from pop-up markets, open mics, art galleries to corporate meetings.

Resilience was essential during the pandemic, as Sue’s concept café was one of the businesses that was hit hard by it. Not expecting any less based on Sue’s track record of success and test of passion, she was able to pivot her business model to a 100% online store to adapt to the circumstances caused by the pandemic.

Nothing is perfect but Sue wanted her product to be it. This presented unforeseen challenges along the way. Despite setbacks, Sue was quick to recover and come back to her clear vision. She found learning platforms to hone and shape her vision. This equipped her with resources and tools that helped her prepare for growth.

With two of Sue’s commendable characters - purpose and passion; she was able to surpass challenges that came her way. Richroad Holdings Pte Ltd is now established as a tech startup and a creator of the RICH platform. A digital platform that allows companies or startups to collaborate with Asia's most diverse talent for short-term projects that can be completed remotely and digitally.

Sue’s inspiring rise to success makes it evident how purpose, passion and perseverance comes a long way. We can only wait to see even more great things from Sue Yeng.

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