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Shah Fariq Aizal of HAUZ on employment to entrepreneurship

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

"Every journey is unique and that's even more true when making the move between the corporate and startup worlds." Shah Fariq Aizal Sha Ghanzni, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of HAUZ, shares his journey transiting from employment to entrepreneurship with us.

Shah Fariq Aizal Sha Ghanzni, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of HAUZ
Shah Fariq Aizal Sha Ghanzni, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of HAUZ

When Shah Fariq Aizal first stepped into the corporate world, he was looking for a challenge he would feel passionate about. He started in his comfort zone, working in a government-linked company that matched his competency level and interest. "As I explored, I realized I wanted something that would let me stay close to my technical roots while providing strategic direction," shares the co-founder. "When I co-founded HAUZ with my childhood friend, Di-Yan Ho, I was getting more involved as an operation advisor. I realized the diversity of experiences in a startup could give me the strategic and technical mix I was looking for."

HAUZ is a cloud-based and data-driven Time Clock, Workforce & Operations Management solution that allows businesses to manage mobile workers, monitor and track operation real-time activities. The company aims to drive small scale businesses towards automation.

The two co-founders courageously left their comfort zones to pursue a journey in entrepreneurship after noticing the daily drudgery hourly workers are facing. Without a proper system in place for many SMEs in the Service, Constructions and Agriculture industry, it proves to be a huge struggle for employees to submit their attendance, tasks activities and reports. This digitalisation gap in the market called out to the co-founders, who then joined hands to establish HAUZ in 2019.

The co-founders found the same conundrum existing in many businesses within the service industry all around the globe. Workforce and operation management is usually done manually, which resulted in a decrease in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. To mitigate the waste of resources, HAUZ was set up to provide an all in one solution for attendance, workforce and operation analytics overview to allow access to all activities, scheduling, asset management, daily operations and e-reports. The platform also provides financial planning tools, emergency button, timesheet, checkpoint patrolling and building maintenance management services for companies looking to automate their processes.

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Shah Fariq Aizal is responsible for the strategy and growth of the company. His scope of job includes building a scalable team, ensuring continued business growth, cultivating partnerships and close investor relations. The CMO shares that a good team is crucial to the success of the company and he is thankful to have good connections with them. "I have been very open with the team that it's my personal vision to help each of them to increase their knowledge, wealth and happiness through collaboration." Shah Fariq Aizal is a firm believer of laying a strong foundation built on teamwork and trust for each other. "Trust comes from time spent with each other, so 'Never Eat Alone'."

The team of HAUZ
The team of HAUZ

"I believe in 80/20 Principle which also known as Pareto Principle. 1. Analyse your current revenue distribution 2. Focus on adding value 3. Eliminate the dead weight."

-Shah Fariq Aizal Sha Ghanzni, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of HAUZ

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