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Plug and Play’s Director of Ventures APAC shares his tips for engaging in the start-up industry

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Plug and Play is the ultimate start-up ecosystem and the world's largest corporate innovation platform.” The personable Director of Ventures APAC at Plug and Play, Ong Jie Lun, shares his journey in the start-up ecosystem and the lessons he picked up along the way.

Ong Jie Lin, Director of Ventures APAC at Plug and Play

“Getting to where I am today is considered success to me: managing a team of venture analysts in making investments and powering the next wave of cutting edge technology and innovation.” As the director of Ventures APAC in Plug and Play, Ong credits his success to the ‘entrepreneur mindset’ he has honed across the years, including values such as curiosity, open-mindedness and critical thinking. He also highlights ownership as an essential value in periods of triumph and failure: owning one’s success and being accountable for one’s actions.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” -- Thomas Edison.

For Ong, seizing opportunities and constant learning forms the bread and butter of entrepreneurship. His experience as director of Ventures allows him a bird’s eye view of the start-ups within the APAC ecosystem, and he credits his peers and mentors for being instrumental to his development in the field. For entrepreneurs and other partners interested in the start-up ecosystem, Ong offers some practical advice:

“Learn to build a reputation, brand and track record, and it will help your future.”

On a lighter note, Ong’s exhibits an enviable work-life balance. With soccer, gym and occasional swimming sessions playing a portion of his week, Ong balances a high-impact, high-octane career with self-care opportunities. Amidst the never-ending workload of a start-up entrepreneur or ecosystem partner, it is an important reminder for us to take care of our physical and emotional selves as we continue to innovate for impact.

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