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Marcus Wong on building from ground zero with no fear of getting his hands dirty.

Marcus Wong, Founder & CEO of Vision Direct Club

Marcus Wong was previously a Chief Commercial Officer for a pioneering optical retail chain in Singapore. Managing more than 17 stores island wide at the time holds him in good stead for his future pursuit with Vision Direct Club.

On a mission to make high-quality vision care accessible to everyone, Marcus Wong started Vision Direct Club in 2021 after the pandemic. Setting themselves apart from the competition with their integrative end-to-end vision hub for everyone, catering to both enterprises and direct consumers.

‘For enterprises, we work with employers to offer their employees a holistic vision benefits program that includes eye health seminars, onsite comprehensive eye screening for all employees, and both online and offline platforms/stores to utilize their employees' vision benefits. For direct consumers, we offer home-based eye screening services. We bring the eye checks to patients' homes; useful for wheelchair/bed bound patients, children with special needs, etc. Our eye screening reports are digitized and will be published in the users' accounts.’

They use an AI software called Eyris which uses a Deep Learning System (DLS) which automatically assesses retinal photographs of patients with and without diabetic eye conditions. ‘If the AI Software or the consulting Optometrist picks up any suspected eye diseases, our system will recommend the patient visit a partnering Ophthalmologist.’

A very impressive service came from great ambitions which in the beginning posed some challenges for the team. Developing in both verticals taught them that diversification can also become a distraction. ‘I had the intention to spread the risk but in the end, it backfired and caused us to be distracted from what we intended to do.

After multiple pitches and heeding to advice, Marcus intended to make changes. He now focuses on what’s on hand, aiming his attention at their key objectives. ‘We did not get comfortable with what was built, we kept challenging each other in the team to continuously improve it. In fact, we do it every day.’

Through this part of his journey, he learned the value that listening brings to the table. ‘The most important lesson that I've learned so far is to constantly be open and willing to listen. The more, regardless of good or bad, feedback you can get regarding your product the better you can improve.’

Today, Vision Direct Club continues to successfully provide a convenient platform to their patients, bringing high-quality vision care closer to everyone’s reach.

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