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In Food Marquee, the strength of the team is each individual member.

Updated: Jan 17

Country: Singapore

Industry: FoodTech

Mack Chua, Founder of Food Marquee

Based on research by the UN Environment Program, approximately one-third of the food goes to waste every year. Fruits and vegetables have the highest wastage rate among all types of food. This is one of the concerns that Food Marquee by Mack Chua helps solve.

Food Marquee is a BtoBtoC platform that effectively connects several organizations to work together to combat food waste. From local farmhouses, to food manufacturers all the way to restaurant chains and so on. They grant a ‘Triple Win Benefit’ as Food Marquee have called it; to producers, distributors and consumers. They help producers and local distributors reduce wastage from overproduction by connecting them to consumers who in return, get lower priced products. Their service stretches out to serve their purpose well. For example, they also help local farms with transportation issues where food loss usually occurs. And aids for merchants with products that are nearing the expiry dates.

The journey to success isn’t an easy one and there are many steps towards it. And being in the startup scene, missteps are almost inevitable. One of the setbacks Food Marquee experienced was not being able to achieve targets that they have set for themselves. But success is not identified by the problems and setbacks that we are experiencing, it is with how we face and manage it. In this case, Mack handled the setback swiftly and in grace. He appointed experts in areas where Food Marquee might be faint in. By doing so, together with the help of investors who saw their clear vision, they were able to manage the obstacles they were faced with.

‘For any entrepreneur, the path is a journey that never ends.

There isn't a finish line. If you quit, the journey will stop where you quit.

You will never know what other paths lie ahead of you. But if you

keep your journey alive, it will always lead to another path

or another set of new routes, new opportunities.’

-Mack Chua

Today, his team is built with people who share the same passion and mindset. Each of them having their own forté, creating a work ecosystem where no one is lagging behind. Just like a harmony filled with many different notes, everyone compliments each other well which makes overcoming adversity a much easier task.

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