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How this software engineer started her own online education center after retrenchment

As a Computer Science graduate from NUS, Nur Aini Bandi was developing educational games as a software engineer before the economic crisis retrenchment. She founded Curious Mindz to realise her passion for both IT and education.

Nur Aini Bandi, director of Curious Mindz.
Nur Aini Bandi, director of Curious Mindz.

Prior to starting the online education center, Nur Aini was an IT Project Manager and has also been in the education field as an Instructional Designer. "Here, I designed games for students to understand concepts better in a fun way," the director of Curious Mindz explained.

Nur Aini looks back on every step that eventually led to her career as an educator. Having a trove of knowledge and interest in Education and IT, she had an idea to conduct programmes online for primary and secondary school students. "Through Curious Mindz, we will be able to impart the love for lifelong learning to students through online enrichment sessions and fun programmes for them to succeed in studies and life."

The director's intense passion to guide and develop the younger generations strongly motivated her. "The education sector is where we get to mold the minds of the youth and lead them to success in their studies and lives. We also teach them the value of lifelong learning, where they will love learning beyond the school curriculum." She further explained that her vision for Curious Mindz is to be a leading education hub with business operations in ASEAN countries. Our value proposition is we provide small group online coaching programmes to help children with their educational needs. We engage top-notch coaches to deliver the latest pedagogical model and engage students in intellectually challenging work.

Curious Mindz's mission is to empower students with effective learning skills and strategies to ace in their studies.

Her devotion for effective learning resulted in a unique approach towards the center's lesson plans. It proved to be a hit with both the students and parents. She disclosed that they were initially faced with doubts by parents when the business transited from physical to online lessons, but have since recognised the efforts of the education center when witnessing the improved performance their children achieved. The satisfaction of happy students and parents is what keeps her going.

Nur Aini cited her grandmother as her source of inspiration. "She had many different successful businesses and careers. Even when faced with difficulties, she would never admit defeat and go all out to become better." The secret to success might very well be to "never give up". This was the director's favourite piece of advice, also given to her by her grandmother. "She was also very humble and had helped many needy people from different countries all around the world." Following her grandmother's footsteps, Nur Aini is motivated to always lend a helping hand, especially to those in need.

Following the successes of the online curriculum, Nur Aini shares her vision for Curious Mindz - to be a leading education hub with business operations in ASEAN countries, providing effective learning for students to explore their curiosity.

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