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How social hiring platform Wantedly supported employment during uncertain times

Wantedly, a social recruiting and employer branding platform, wants to turn the tables around when employment is at an all time low.

The Wantedly team volunteering at Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen
The Wantedly team volunteering at Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen

The tech company's mission is to create a world where work drives passion. Wantedly was started in Japan in 2012, and branched out to Singapore and later Hong Kong in 2017.

"In Singapore, we focus on Employer Branding for companies to attract the right talents through Wantedly's modern recruitment platform," Andrew Tan, Country Manager (Singapore) of Wantedly explains.

As a social hiring platform, Wantedly found itself at the forefront in the fight for workforce retention during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the unemployment rate continuing to skyrocket in Asia during this pandemic, it begged the question: ‘Who is still hiring during coronavirus?’ Wantedly decided that more than just the companies on their platform, it also bears reason to collate a live list of companies in Singapore – whether they are hiring, freezing or seeing layoffs – for the collective benefit of all jobseekers during this difficult time.

Using Airtable integration, design and development of the site took just under a week, and Wantedly populated the initial list of over 100 companies at launch. After a few months, they had over 1,000 companies on their platform. As a ‘live’ tracking and user-generated list, the site has also provided a form for companies and individuals to contribute and submit to the rapidly growing list, so that the community can support one another.

"This is a crisis and a fight bigger than ourselves. During the pandemic, we cannot afford to only think of users or companies within our business. I feel passionate about the employment situation here and globally, so this initiative (which is an internal innovation) has to serve the people on a larger scale with this completely free to use tool that we used our own resources to build to help the community."

- Andrew Tan, Country Manager of Wantedly

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