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HAUZ on productivity growth for the Engineering, Construction and Agriculture sectors with WingArc

HAUZ, a Malaysia-based startup, is a time clock, workforce and operations management solution. They are offering one of the most viable solutions for companies engaged with hourly workers in Service, Engineering, Construction and Agriculture sectors. Shah Fariq Aizal Sha Ghazni, CMO & Co-Founder of HAUZ, shares with us their team's journey growing with WingArc.

Managing workforce and operations is a hectic and tedious process for SMEs in the Service, Constructions and Agriculture industry. With expansion of project client sites, it is a critical element that needs to be optimized, especially with today's increasingly remote workforce. Unknown to many, most SMEs in Malaysia with multi-location operations have been facing workforce and operations management problems. For years, there has been a scarcity of software that addresses the needs of small and medium businesses. Popular Human Resources Management System (HRMS) solutions offer great features but they are mainly designed for on-site workers, executives, professionals and white-collar workers. HAUZ is a startup filling in this gap in the market, fitting the last piece of the puzzle for ASEAN & Asia SMEs.

"As we grew our clients in Malaysia and Singapore, we want to ensure that the data analytics that available on the platform are real-time output and valuable to the C-levels and not just to the typical HR and Operations managers," explained Shah Fariq Aizal. "We were shortlisted for the WingArc program at the right time."

"We are in discussions with the WingArc Accelerator Program's executive team regarding the roadmap of HAUZ's products. We want to utilise and turn data points we have gathered from our users into valuable outputs for our clients," the co-founder said. He plans to leverage the expertise of the Accelerator Program to incorporate a new data application with their platform.

"Di-Yan and I (both co-founders of HAUZ) have met many individuals since the early days of our entrepreneurship journey but unfortunately are not aligned with our vision for HAUZ in the next couple years," Shah Fariq Aizal revealed. "However, in WingArc Accelerator Program, they are open ideas we bring to the table and would give us guidance. We take it from there and tweak the ideas to make it practical for our users."

Shah Fariq Aizal also revealed that the management team at HAUZ strongly believes that the power of data can improve productivity and empower their users, who are mainly blue collar workers. The program allows the company to comprehensively work on visualising data and statistics. "We can leverage the data in our platform to offer features such as Resume Builder, Micro Loan, Salary Advances, Buy Now Pay Later, and Insurance for our users. This is why we chose the WingArc Accelerator Program." He is also experimenting on how to make use of data to assist the blue collars in ASEAN and Asia with upskilling, and improving their work and personal lives.

The co-founder would also like to extend his gratitude to Shuhei Yamamoto, the WingArc Accelerator team and Meet Ventures for the regular check-in sessions that gave HAUZ more insights on the Japanese market from experienced entrepreneurs and industry players. "It is really beneficial for us as we wish to enter the Japanese market upon completion of the program. We are always looking forward to any opportunities from WingArc."

The HAUZ team.
The HAUZ team.

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