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From Risk to Reward: The Inspiring Story of BuyHive

Updated: Jul 27

Country: Hong Kong, China.

Industry: E-commerce, Sourcing.

Founded date: 2020

Leaving one’s comfort zone can be a daunting task, but it can also offer invaluable benefits in retrospect. Comfort zones are the spaces we create for ourselves where we feel safe, familiar, and secure. However, staying within these boundaries for too long can lead to stagnation and prevent growth.

Minesh Pore, Co-Founder & CEO of BuyHive
Minesh Pore, Co-Founder & CEO of BuyHive

Minesh Pore experienced this first-hand. Before deciding to leave behind his secure and well-paying job in a multinational organization, Minesh went through a lot of contemplation. Starting a business from the very beginning is not such an easy task. There are a lot of risks to be considered and also uncertainties. With the help and guidance from entrepreneurial mentors and peers, he carefully analyzed the merits and demerits of initiating his own business. Finally, he came to the conclusion that the potential benefits of starting a business were far greater than the associated risks.

The fruit of this carefully-planned decision is BuyHive. Established in 2020, BuyHive is a sourcing platform that utilizes technology to transform the conventional way of sourcing for the modern digital era. By combining the advantages of e-commerce with customized and specialized sourcing services, the platform enhances its effectiveness and convenience for buyers across the globe. BuyHive has a worldwide presence that empowers buyers to procure top-notch products straight from manufacturers. Providing comprehensive sourcing solutions such as product development, sourcing, quality control, and logistics, can help buyers in saving time and money.

In a short time, the growth of BuyHive accelerated swiftly. They managed to receive more than 5,000 applications from sourcing experts by the end of 2022. Their platform is trusted by global companies such as the NHS, the Department of Health and Social Care, Zilingo, and many others. Their comprehensive end-to-end sourcing solution that integrates the benefits of e-commerce with specialized and tailored sourcing services is what differentiates them from the competition. Minesh believes that prioritizing transparency and collaboration, helps them build strong relationships with their clients and partners.

BuyHive's Team
BuyHive's Team

Reap what you sow, is a common proverbial phrase that emphasizes the principle of cause and effect. Just like a farmer who sows good seeds will reap a bountiful harvest, Minesh’s actions and decisions throughout his career have a direct impact on his success. His past experience during the financial crisis back in 2008 taught him the importance of being agile and responsive to changing market conditions and the value of investing in new technologies. He also learned how to reevaluate his priorities and focus on what was most important.

Albert Einstein once said, in the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity. Minesh is also a firm believer in not giving up and pushing through hard times. Starting a successful business can be difficult, with many obstacles and setbacks likely to arise. However, it is essential to persist and persevere through these challenging times. Giving up should not be an option. He stated that entrepreneurs who demonstrate unwavering dedication, hard work, and a willingness to learn from mistakes can achieve great things and build successful businesses that make a difference in the world.

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