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Food-tech startup Shandi launches plant-based chicken at price parity

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Singapore-based food-tech startup, Shandi, has raised over US$700,000 in a seed funding round led by Tolaram Group. The funds will be used to set up a manufacturing facility in Singapore to scale the production of its proprietary plant-based chicken products.

The popularity of plant-based meat has been on the rise with mass consumers because of health concerns and sustainability.

Plant-based chicken drumstick by Shandi.
Shandi's meat-less drumstick. Image from

Reena Sharma, founder and CEO of Shandi, believes that plant-based products should not only be an alternative for animal products, but also sustainable, affordable, and healthy for everyone. She has a vision to significantly reduce meat consumption with Shandi meat, without compromising on taste and nutrition. The meat-free alternative is made in Singapore with non-GMO plant ingredients such as pea protein, chickpeas, quinoa, flaxseeds, brown rice and coconut oil. The plant-based product is free from artificial additives and has right proteins that are found in the composition of conventional chicken meat.

The vegan startup offers several options of their products in the form of drumsticks, patties, shredded, pieces, and strips.

Shandi will price its products similarly to chicken meat, as Reena believes that plant-based diets need not be expensive.

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