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‘‘Failure is part and parcel of building anything, and in start-ups, they happen often.’’ -Evan Chow

Embracing mistakes and learning from them. It’s no secret that failure, one way or another, is a part of anyone’s entrepreneurial journey. Handling them and rising above it is what sets each startup founder apart. Evan Chow’s story shows how being unafraid of experimenting and failing can lead to great things that one wouldn’t have otherwise obtained without them.

Evan Chow, Quest CEO and Co-Founder

Quest is the alternate income platform for Gen Z’s, launched in June 2021. They are on a mission to provide the next million jobs through peer-to-peer transactions, according to Evan Chow. He identified his strengths and put them to work. Because who else would better understand the new generation than someone from it? ‘Being a Gen Z company, using TikTok as our main marketing channel was a very natural decision. We managed to find our niche within TikTok and consistently went viral. That really helped our initial growth.’

As a startup, Quest has been really grateful to the mentors and advisers who have helped them through their entrepreneurial journey. ‘They taught us a lot of important fundamentals of starting a business - tracking different metrics properly being one of the biggest learning points, as well as soft skills such as handling setbacks.

One of the lessons that they have learned along the way was knowing when to put the foot down as an employer. It’s a given that having a good relationship between co-workers can improve the work ambience, but blurring the lines between personal and professional relationships can sometimes take a toll. ‘It gets really tough to balance between being nice, giving chances, and drawing hard boundaries for the business' sake.’ says Evan Chow. But despite it all at the end of the day, Mr. Chow still strives to be an understanding leader.

Today Quest still leads in giving Gen Z’s access to earning opportunities by connecting ‘Citizens’ who have a work or task that needs to be done, to ‘Heroes’ who can swoop in and save the day. The gig economy has never been as accessible and we are here for it. Check out Quest’s website and you might find your ‘Hero’ today.

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