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Carlos P. Hornstein of niikiis on innovation and success

niikiis founder and CEO Carlos P. Hornstein has a vision to help professionals more effectively share knowledge across an organisation. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, tennis, photography, and spending time with his four kids.

Carlos P. Hornstein, niikiis founder and CEO
Carlos P. Hornstein, niikiis founder and CEO

niikiis, a company automating HR & Employee Management solutions, was born in 2018 with a single goal in mind: to help people do their job better. "We started as a learning & communication platform and ended up offering a full-fledged all-in-one HR SaaS for SMBs focused on the employee experience and performance," Carlos explained.

The company aims to help employees do their job better by providing them a simple, intuitive, AI driven tool that allows them to focus on what’s important and not get lost in administrative tasks. The user-centric platform was built with customer experience as its core, and has achieved overwhelmingly positive reviews since its launch. "Customers say our HRIS is simple to use, flexible, innovative and connects people and systems," the CEO shared. "The platform was built putting the employee at the center, and we made it flexible enough so that the HR admin can do no-code workflows on its own, and intuitive enough so that implementation and adoption is not an issue."

Carlos attributes his success to the amazing people in his network and life-long learning. He made the brave decision to follow his heart when he was 33 - to leave a great job he had and pursue a full-time MBA. The rest was history. "Maybe my greatest success is to have the energy and determination of making things happen like I did 30 years ago," he said.

"Happy employees attract happy customers and those drive profitability." This was by Professor Ed Hess who taught leadership during Carlos' MBA days, and is a quote the CEO constantly thinks about. Designing a positive experience for employees is just as critical as for customers as happier employees make happier customers. "At niikiis, we have set four core values that drive business decisions and how things are done: simplicity, dedication, collaboration and social impact. In the past six months new team members are suggesting to add data-orientation as well," he said.

Carlos and the niikiis team
Carlos and the niikiis team

Respect, empathy, generosity, effort and kindness are values Carlos holds close to his heart. He was inspired by former US-President Jimmy Carter during a meeting, and went on to launch his foundation committed to empower future generations through quality education. Five schools have been built to provide educational opportunities for 4,000 children in rural Mali.

Life is a journey; you need to know why you are in it and what your next destination is (there are as many as you want).
Enjoy it while the journey lasts, not only when you get to your destination and never travel alone :)

- Carlos P. Hornstein, Founder and CEO of niikiis

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