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BYKidO: Fueled with passion for family.

A father of 2 young kids, founder of BYKidO, Jiarong Yu knew the importance of building a strong foundation with children in their early years. What better way to do so than family events and experiences, which is exactly what his platform brings to the table.

Founded in 2016, BYKidO provides parents the ease of discovering and purchasing experiences for the entire family. From events such as parades and musicals to simple joys such as playgrounds and parks, it is all within reach on BYKidO's website. To top it off, these experiences are along with deals and promotions delivering great savings.

Jiarong Yu, Founder & CEO of BYKidO, and family

Importance of family

It is no secret that early stages of our life becomes our rock and foundation to adult life. Nurture trumps nature. Children’s happy memories are one of the core ingredients that make up for the recipe of an overall healthier well-being. This is something that Jiarong wishes to provide to his children, and while he is at it, to other families as well.

Instrumental to his success, is his wife. ‘She has given me space and freedom, and yet has kept me grounded too.’ Equipped with the constant trust and support, he was able to bring BYKidO to the success that it is now. ‘Family is very important to me.’ as said by Jiarong. It is no wonder that his love and passion translates through BYKidO’s core; discovering and creating a fun family experience.

Overcoming adversary

‘You will find lots of ways for something not to work, before finding the way for it to work.’

-Jiarong Yu

2019 was the year that challenged Jiarong’s resilience. In the midst of raising their seed round with the intention of expanding BYKidO overseas, COVID struck and the pandemic broke out. As it is with several entrepreneurs in most sectors at the time, BYKidO was hit by the unforeseen pandemic. ‘We had to cut back on the expansion to conserve cash. For 2 years, we kept a very low burn rate to tide through.’ Sleepless nights were brought on by the feeling that he has let the people who trusted him down.

As the saying goes: tough times never last, but tough people do. Jiarong weathered through the storm and came out victorious. ‘It is working hard, turning up everyday and not giving up.’ Armed with new lessons learned, the pandemic proved to have made him wiser and stronger.

Today, BYKidO caters to multiple cities including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Tokyo. Also now found in BYKidO’s platform are content for their community of parents with the same wish to provide wonderful experiences to their children. Together with kit’s for activities to do at home whenever parent’s have the time such as Resin Art Kits, Terrarium Experience Kit and more. Shining through their platform is the passion for family and entrepreneurship that Jiarong has. This leads us to expect nothing less than further success from BYKidO.

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