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Eileen Su took a leap of faith to her passion and landed Therapy Kidz gracefully to success.

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Eileen Su, Founder of Therapy Kidz

As an esteemed Behavior Therapist for 12 years and a mother of two boys, Eileen left her full-time job to venture out on her own entrepreneurial journey.

Every child deserves a chance to experience and shine.’ says Eileen. She believes that her values of trust, kindness and respect will not only make the world a better place but will also create a place of acceptance for children with special needs.

Therapy Kidz is set up in 2019 to provide quality and effective intervention programmes to children who require additional support in their development. Therapy Kidz believes in working closely with the children, their family members and people in their environment.’ Eileen has created a convenient platform for parents with children of special needs. Easily accessible through messaging apps but also offering house-to-house therapy, creating a safe space to share any struggles parents and children might have.

As the pandemic was unforeseen, so were the challenges that came along with it. Due to the unavoidable circumstances, some of her clients had withdrawn from her service. But as a proof to her value of kindness, there came a time where she even offered her services, to families in need, free of charge.

Trying times made Eileen realize how several forms of income were necessary to maintain her business during the pandemic. As startup founders have to be quick on their feet to adapt, so was Eileen. She created new services that function well even with the ongoing pandemic such as online therapies. Alternative programs such as social skills groups were added to her list of services as well.

Family was instrumental to Mdm. Su’s success in handling and navigating her way through her journey. Her husband being one of her greatest supporters, provides her with the courage to persevere as she overcomes trials and tribulations along the way. Started all on her own, Therapy Kidz to this day continues to help more children under their care. And in doing this, Mdm. Su fulfills her passion while bettering the lives of others.

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