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MEET Entrepreneurs Club

Starting a business can be a tough and long journey. MEET Entrepreneurs Club is a safe space for entrepreneurial individuals to learn and grow together.

We help people start and grow their businesses

MEET Entrepreneurs Club is a support system that empowers you to build a successful and scalable business.

Learn from VIP industry experts, get real business knowledge, practice your pitch and join a like-minded community of entrepreneurs.

Welcome to
MEET Entrepreneurs Club

We’re John & Farhan…

...the partners behind Meet Ventures – one of the leading startup and innovation consultancy firms in Asia.

Whether you’re looking to start a business or scale one, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve helped thousands of founders build their businesses through the dozens of programs that we have run throughout the years, and we want to work with you too!

If you’re looking for more clarity regarding your business, a guide to make moves in the direction of your dreams, and an incredible group of business buddies, join us today and get started!

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What You Will Get


Resource Library

Acquire business knowledge with our professionally curated Founder MBA.

Modules cover idea generation, business model, market sizing, human resources, legal essentials, minimum viable product, B2C marketing, B2B sales, pricing and fundraising.


Starting a business is more fun and manageable when you have a good support system. Join our community of ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals as we learn and grow together.


Startup Perks

Get a head start in the business world with our specially curated Startup Perks worth around USD 50,000 in total. These perks include free AWS credits and exclusive merchant discounts for HubSpot and Stripe.

Media Feature

Every new member will be featured in an interview article on Meet Insights. This is a way for us to introduce our new members and their companies to the rest of the community. It also offers visibility and brand awareness to the wider public.


Monthly VIP Fireside Chats

Learn directly from C-level executives, successful startup founders and industry experts in our monthly VIP Fireside Chats.

Monthly Group Coaching

Our monthly Group Coaching sessions draw on the collective wisdom of our community to help address your business questions. These sessions are led by the Partners and senior management of Meet Ventures.


Want more for your business?

We also provide 1-1 personalised coaching for our Platinum members.

Contact us at to enquire more.

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Fundraising Support

Get a proven pitch deck template and have your pitch deck sent to more than 50 investors (including angels, VCs, family offices).

Is MEET Entrepreneurs Club right for me?

  1. You’re an aspiring or current entrepreneur working on a business you are passionate about.

  2. You’re an ambitious go-getter who wants to grow personally as well as professionally.

  3. You hope to create connections with like-minded business people across Asia.

  4. You want to learn from the best and fellowship with people who have been there, done that, and 100% get-it.

  5. You wish you had people who can relate to you as an entrepreneur and offer constructive feedback.



because we know that's what you want.

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Dr John Yan,
CEO of Inknoe

You can really tell they put the work in and truly care about their startups. They have helped my business grow in a short amount of time!


Mr Siddharth Dangi,
CEO of Mentogram

Meet Entrepreneurs Club is excellent for an early startup like ours! It has helped us build our network with both customers and investors.


Mr Neil Soria,
CEO of SocioV

Such an interactive and well supportive team and we really love this. Feels like, we are part of a family!